What Will Guests Expect From My Property?

April 1, 2021

What will your guests expect from your property? If you are looking to be a great host and ensure your guests have a comfortable stay, there are a few key things that you should try to provide for them. Although some of the things in this list may appear obvious, it is amazing how easy it is to forget the basics when worrying over your online listing or pricing structure. By including the items below you can be sure that your guests will enjoy a comfortable stay and be likely to recommend and highly rate your both you and your property

A comfortable bed

The big one when ensuring that your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep, make sure you don’t scrimp when it comes to your bed and mattress. Invest in a sturdy bed frame – there is nothing worse than a bed that creaks every time you turn over in the night. You should also select a mattress that is suitably comfortable. You could always supply additional toppers on demand for those who desire a softer bed. White bedding is the best option for your duvet, pillows and base sheet as it helps the room look clean and fresh. We’ve already got an additional article which discusses beds & mattresses in more detail, click here to read.

Tea and coffee making facilities

Although when guests are staying in an apartment they do not expect hotel standards, a few amenities will always be well received and help to enhance a stay. You should try to provide a kettle and a small selection of teas, coffees, sugar and sweeteners. If you have a fridge in the property it is nice to leave some milk for the guest’s convenience when they first arrive. Alternatively a few small containers of long life milk would be suitable.

Fresh towels

Make sure that you provide a plentiful supply of fresh towels, allowing for a minimum of a towel per guest. If your guests will be staying for more than a couple of days, it is best to provide more than one towel per person.

TV and Wi-Fi

Although you may not see this as a necessity, many modern day guests will expect to have these facilities during their stay. Wi-Fi can be particularly important if you are hosting business guests, who may have important work to catch up on in the evenings. Equally, travellers from abroad may be keen to avoid large data roaming charges on their phones. They will therefore appreciate the ability to use the internet to research their activities for the next day.  

A local gift

Although not a vital element this can certainly help to enhance a guest’s stay with you. If your area is well known for a particular food or product then leaving some out as a gift is a nice touch that can help a guest to feel welcomed. If there is not a particular product that you can think of them some nice chocolates or a tin of biscuits will always be well received. If your guests have had a long journey to get to your property then having something like this to snack on when they arrive is sure to lift their mood.

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